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New Media Expo 2008 Wrap up & Ideas

We are waiting for our plane back home to Hawaii and I’ve been wanting to capture some of my thoughts from the recent New Media Expo in Las Vegas, where Shane and I spoke.

I’ve got three main points, some of which were also mentioned by Mike McCallen. I also discussed this in the pool at the Hilton with Jim Kirks of The Clip Show. With the temp at 105, my brain wanted AC or water to function!

I’d like to get your thoughts on this – pros and cons of the NME. Can we claim it as our podcaster event? If so, why were so many of the key podcasters and the podcast companies missing? How can they make it better? What would you want? Not want?

I think we are at a pivot point and it’s time to discuss this out in the open.

FWIW, Viddler was there in full force and for those of us who were at the show, the connections and business deals were awesome! I loved being interviewed on TWIT, Web Pro World, and Tech Zulu, along with Sunny’s live uStream. Tom Webster’s podcast stats are amazing, and I hope they get increasingly more attention.

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9 Comments on “New Media Expo 2008 Wrap up & Ideas

  1. I don’t know if my video comment actually uploaded, but Roz, it was great to learn more about you and your work at the New Media Expo. I attended as a total newbie. Want to produce podcasts, but have nothing scheduled and organized yet. I think there should always be a podcasting 1 2 3 track, as well as the tracks you mention. I also feel that I met a lot of very knowledgeable people who I hope to keep in touch. Look forward to keeping in touch with you as well.

    Typing this out feels so old school!

  2. @Arjun Singh does not look your video went thru. You’ll need an account at viddler.com then you will be able to record right over this episode. I hope you will give it a try!

  3. I wasn’t under the impression that this wasn’t a podcaster event. You ask: “Can we claim this as our podcaster event?” – I would say yes. Las Vegas is a bit tough, only because there are so many distractions and people seem to be more interested in partying than really discussing Podcasting.

    But, I think if you wanted to.. you could energize the community around podcasting (regardless of the list they fall on) and get more people there next time.

  4. Hey Roxanne, This was my 1st time at NME & meeting people like you Shane and many more was worth the trip to Vegas (not my favorite destination) regardless if the “A” list was missing. It’s people like you that have the passion, knowledge and desire to share success and mistakes to avoid that make the difference.

    Those stats should open more eyes and help attract the media buyers.
    Great content & connections for me. I’ve produced & promoted seminars & I know the work that goes into this, so “Well Done” but let’s find another location.

  5. Rox: You and Shane are DEFINITELY A-listers. Thanks so much for the kind words, and for attending my session–I’m grateful and humbled.

    I hope the NME continues on in order to provide resources, networking and access to important vendors for those podcasters hoping to monetize their content. Podcamps are great, but not for commercial aspects (nor should they be) so the industry would be poorer without a dedicated outlet for the money side of things.

    Having said that, it sure would be great if all of the vendors and commercial content providers/aggregators would show up and support the Expo. But that’s deficit thinking – I made some great contacts, reconnected with some great people and came away with lots of great thoughts and ideas for both my business–and for yours. Vegas I could take or leave – I get there enough for conferences and client work. One thing that was nice about Ontario was the feeling that, for just a couple of days at least, podcasters owned the place. You had to work a little harder at the LV Hilton to make connections, but the opportunities were there.

    Thanks for your thoughts–see you next month in Vegas (again)!

  6. Hey Rox-
    I am still amazed anyone even read my Blog. The A listers that were at the conference were fine for me. I like that it has moved to a more business oriented event. The side parties that Libsyn and Podshow had were a distraction that was funny but I need to pay my mortgage by my wife pretty things and have money to visit BeachWalks country. :)

    I know after the NME this year I had a clear direction where I am taking podcasting for our production company and newest podcast http://www.meetingspodcast.com. We already have interest from sponsors and advertisers for our podcast and it is already generating interest for work from our niche. I also met so many new folks and reconnected with others at the NME that I feel am part of the podcast community.

    I wish the best for the Podcast Brothers. They have done a great job and I hope it is making them wildly rich. Rox, you make good points for increasing the value for all involved and I am sure Tim and Emil are watching. The economy has hit all conferences and budgets pretty hard and the Podcast Bros might need to keep evolving and adapting the conference to keep it engaging and valuable. I hope to continue to come to the Podcast Expo, New Media Expo or what ever the Podcast Brothers call it next year.

    See you at Blogworld.

  7. I think that NME truly is the event that podcasters need to continue to claim as their own. It’s known, established and already fills so many of the needs that podcasters have around networking and education.

    I also agree that it is sorely lacking in the area of advertising. Advertisers need to come to an event like NME and learn about the medium and make personal connections with the community. The reason they don’t is that the medium is still so new. With time, I think that will change.

    Advertising & marketing firms should be approached and asked to participate in some way if they weren’t approached this time. That way we can all enter into a dialog and find a way to help each other.

    Like others said before me, Vegas is a tough venue because the podcasters get lost in a huge city that makes connecting more challenging than if the event was held in a quieter location. There are advantages to Vegas though in availability of venues for parties, abundant rooms and adequate space for the event as it grows, which I expect it will.

    I’ll leave the planning for the experts, but this event needs to go on and continue to evolve as the space does and that definitely means reaching out to the advertisers that will allow the content providers to create more quality content. It’s too much to expect that content providers should provide content for free ass I heard some people voice.

    That would result in the space being dominated by the old media as they provide their content in just one more form with hardly any effort. That’s already happening and we need to establish our value to advertisers before they overlook our ability to more closely connect with our audiences.

    I’m looking forward to going to NME next year and if it is in another location with more advertisers present, I’m sure I’ll get even more out of it than I already did this year.

  8. I found this editorial post from Tim Bourquin, one of the organizers of the New Media Expo. It says a lot about the problems are we are facing. Definitely the trade show industry is stuck in the last century – the unconference format has more and more appeal.

    Thinking About Quitting the Trade Show Business

    @Colin Devroe – Yes, i do believe this is the podcast event, but could have been more direct by asking, where were the rest of the podcasters, the podcast hosting and support companies, the podcast networks, the advertisers for podcasts, etc. Really the discussions were awesome and those of there did some great business. Why the heck were the others AWOL? Is it time to name names and ask more directly?

    @Robyn Levin – Your perspective as a communications/event planning professional and first timer is really valuable IMO. Thank you.

    @Tom Webster – we use Textile formating and when you surround text with a hyphen, it automatically makes the strikeout. I edited your comment to fix that. Have you submitted your keynote session yet??

    @Mike McAllen – I am looking forward to your podcast. I hope you shake up the industry! It is sooo last century and the obstacles to doing business are incredible.

    @David van Sunder – It was great meeting you and thank you for leaving your comments. I know the Podcast Brothers had been encouraged to get out of Ontario in favor of a more robust venue to attract the bbig sponsors. It did not really turn out that way, so maybe there is a happy medium? Naturally, I would propose our world-class convention center here in Hawaii. http://www.hawaiiconvention.com