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Social Media Club Hawaii Launch

Art Harris, Cleo Brown, Capsun Poe at ING Cafe in WaikikiWow. With less than a week’s notice we had over 40 people attend the launch meeting of the Hawaii Chapter of the Social Media Club. There was a dynamic mix of people, including the geeks (@SidSavarra, @avharris, @exbor, @judico, @shane to name a few), several major communications companies (Communications Pacific, Pineapple Tweed, Becker, Loomis-ISC,) web & marketing people Starrtech Interactive and Hawaii Online Advertising, publisher Ken Ng, the Bishop Museum, and more. I am leaving many people out but they will all get posted once we organize the mailing list – or leave me a comment here and I will update this post with your link.

Cleo Brown offered us the ING Cafe, which is an awesome meeting space, and provided her staff (especially Kekoa Davidson) to manage the great presentation and internet technology for us. (Plus she invited several of her colleagues to attend.) She then went into high gear when it looked like we might have a big crowd, and called in Prestige Valet Services to help us with car parking! This could have been the first Social Media Club meeting with valet parking. As Nathan Kam (who was missed) recently posted on Twitter when talking about collaboration, the “This is what the Aloha Spirit is All About!”

Ed Morita, aka @NctrnlBst, shared a great mini case study for how is he using Twitter to drive customers to the restaurant where he works, Longhi’s. I want to do an entire post on that so stay tuned. Ed also took photos of the event. (Link updated on Mar 9, 2009.)

Piia Arma, Roxanne Darling, Tess Staadecker - photo copyright 2009 NctrnlBstThe amazing Tess Staadecker and Piia Arma helped get the planning underway, and Tess offered to manage programs for the next few months. Piia used the power of her network to inspire Kelly Mitchell to take on leading the club for the first few months. We’ll be posting more info soon and please leave a comment or be in touch if you want me to contact you with the next step. We are tentatively planning monthly meetings on the second Friday of each month, after work around 5:30 -7 pm.

Here is the presentation I shared to lay the framework for how Social Media is Changing “Everything.”

UPDATE: I removed the slideshow player as I am working on a another post where I will include that. You can se it by following the link immediately above.

UPDATE 2: You can read the entire summary notes on our page on the SMC Wiki.

14 Comments on “Social Media Club Hawaii Launch

  1. You go Darling! Great 1st meet with Aloha spirited people, fun with learning, awesome venue, free, no booze, no sales hype, and we get to this monthly. This is Social Medial Central HI…it’s the right time, the right place, right Now!

    Mahalo nui loa, Roxanne


  2. @Ken – Thank YOU for attending and bringing so much good energy to the group. Your description is quite perfect. :-)

    @Eagle Strayhorn – Done! I will pass your info on to Tess who is putting together the initial mailing list. For now, please mark the second Fri evening on your calendar. (April 10th for next month.)

  3. Great meeting and nice to meet you in-person after the meeting. I’m looking forward to next month. That’s very generous to offer a book club portion of the club; to your point, very aloha spirited. This club is an excellent place to network with the who’s who of online marketing on Oahu! Hopefully I can lend a hand to contribute to such a great group.

  4. @Ryan – Mahalo to you for coming out as well. I was so happy with the turnout – from every perspective! We had such a great mix, and so many people who want to share.

  5. It was a great first meeting. Thanks for helping to get it started!

  6. Mahalo to everyone who turned out at the ING DIRECT Cafe. We had a great time learning about Social Media in Hawai’i. The interaction of the group was exciting. Roxanne was stellar facilitating – she knew how to keep everyone engaged and bring out the awesome creativity in the room.

    We look forward to providing the venue for future meetings and I personally look forward to engaging and learning from all of you.
    For those of you who expressed interest in learning more about ING DIRECT, The Cafe and events we host on a regular basis, please give me a call or drop an email at your convenience.

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  9. Can you put me on your list to be notified of the next meeting place and time? This group sounds great.

  10. WOW! What a great “play” group that accomplishes so much….while making it FUN. Mahalo to Ken Ng for the intro to a very creative and prospering venue.

    See you Friday!


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  12. Maybe you should take the social club out to Maui and do a tour down the Hana Highway. That should really get you talking!