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Summary of New Media Artist-in-Residence Program

It is the last day of 2011 and I want to add an exclamation point of gratitude on each of my blogs – most of which suffer from neglect from me. It was my friend and Maui blogger Liza Pierce’s idea: let’s all write a blog post for January 1st! So, I’ve set this to post just one minute in to the new year. Happy New Year!

I am starting on this blog, as this is the easy one! (I have at least three more I am aiming for.) This past year, I was hired by the Lānaʻi Visitors Bureau (LVB) to run a social media marketing campaign for them, based on a very original concept created in discussion with Mr. Keliʻi Brown, who is the PR director for the Maui Visitors Bureau (MVB). For those of you outside of Hawaiʻi, Maui Nui, as we call it, or Maui County, encompasses not just the island of Maui but also the islands of Lānaʻi and Molokai. So the MVB provides support to the LVB.

Lānaʻi is was the least known of the Hawaiian Islands. There are only three hotels! So we wanted a program that would shine the best light on this beautiful place, something that would go deep and not just be about “one more trip to Hawaii.”

First, though, watch the video! It is a quick one minute. Then keep reading for more on this program.

UPDATE: The New Media Artist-in-Residence Program slide deck is now available for viewing and download on SlideShare.

New Media Artist-in-Residence Program from Roxanne Darling on Vimeo.

You can read more about the setup of the New Media Artist-in-Residence program here, but in short, it involved the hand selection of seven well-known bloggers who each spent a week on Lānaʻi and who also agreed to collaborate in supporting the other team members throughout a six month period in 2011. Of course there is more to all this than meets the eye, but for now, in this post, I have two goals.

First I want to thank my clients at Maui Visitors Bureau and Lānaʻi Visitors Bureau for taking a chance with me on this innovative program! This is the second time I have worked for MVB and they are so willing to get out there and do what it takes to keep Maui Nui a top travel destination! Plus, they are willing to tolerate my at times demanding ways. Thank you so much, Terryl, Lynn, Keliʻi, Charity and all of the board members.

Second, I wanted to share the results – with you. Luckily, I had already prepared this video for our local Hawaii chapter of the Social Media Club’s year end party, which featured our social media accomplishments of 2011. The preso’s were played throughout the night on the big screen, so I made this without a sound track. I also want to thank my colleague and SMCHI president, Tara Coomans, who assisted me with the interpretation of the results and the ROI formulas.

We also received great coverage online. Be sure to read this summary over at Media Post and listen to my interview on the This Week in Travel.

Bottom line? Visitor spending was up nearly 28% on Lānaʻi, far more than on either Maui or Molokai.

Plus, I have been hired to run this program again for LVB in 2012! Lots more ideas are percolating of course, but for now, I share my gratitude for a wonderful year in 2011 – in so many respects, and am very excited about the big possibilities in 2012 – the year of the Dragon!

UPDATE: Please help me also thank the wonderful team of bloggers we had on this inaugural run! Visit their blogs and search for “lanai” to read all about their trips. Here they are, in order of their visit to Lānaʻi:
Shannon Hurst Lane of The Traveling Mamas
Chris Gray Faust of Chris Around the World
Matt Long of Landlopers
Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere
Kara Williams of The Vacation Gals
Sheila Beal of Go Visit Hawaii
Melanie Waldman of Travels with Two


32 Comments on “Summary of New Media Artist-in-Residence Program

  1. Awesome those results summed up in the video.

    I’m so honored to have been a small part of the overall effort.

  2. I would live to assist in the next round somehow. I sailed at the helm to/from Lanai for the Thanksgiving holiday and have a great fondness for this special island. Happy New Year, Rox, and thanks for sharing this with us. :)

  3. What an awesome project, Roxanne!

    I really like seeing those hard numbers as to how an excellent social media program can make an impact on business.

    I’m looking forward to learning from you in 2012!

    P. S. I love your beachwalks.tv series too.

    • You know the numbers really help not only the skeptics, but also the people who participated. It feels so good to be able to put them down in “black and white” – even if there are numerous ways to measure things.

      Thanks for watching Beachwalks.tv too! I miss doing it and hope that 2012 gets it back up and running on a regular basis.

  4. I think there is a word missing in this sentence: “Lānaʻi is was the of the Hawaiian Islands.” I thought I would just point that out because I’m sure it’s supposed to be a very important point.

    I think that your slideshow presentation was pretty well done. Was it done in Keynote?

    Congratulations on the fruit bore by your labors.

    • Amanda you are my editor du jour! Thank for noticing that – yes it was an important point and I forgot to finalize my thoughts on that sentence.

      The preso was done in keynote (by Apple) on the iPad. It appears to be an iPad-only theme.

  5. The stats and ROI were pretty incredible. What a great idea! I feel every day I see something about blogging becoming obsolete but then I’ll turn around and see another piece which shows how influential a high quality content blogger can be.

    Love the slideshow…showed a very visual and high impact presentation of what the project accomplished.

    I have never been to Lanai! Can u believe it? If my BF does the Lanai Rendezvous again in 2012, I’m thinking of doing a day trip and then meeting them at the harbor when they pull in with their fish and to celebrate.

    • Thank you Tania! I just made my first trip to Lťnaʻi only a few months ago. You’ve got my mind buzzing as one of my goals for this year’s program is more local interaction. To be continued!

  6. Wow that is amazing! Great work. For those few (whoever they are) who don’t believe that social media makes a concrete, measurable difference to the bottom line, they need only look at your stats to know that it does. I’m excited to get to know you and your work Roxanne! Happy New Year!
    Ihilani recently posted..one little word 2012My Profile

  7. Amazing, congratulations! This campaign was truly groundbreaking and set a new standard for integrating travel promotion with social media. I am very proud to have played a part.

  8. Great program and summary on Media Post. Last month four bloggers and I were invited to Florida by the Kissimmee CVB and Global Resort Homes to explore and amongst the five of us, we used hash tag #bloggersgoglobal and according to hash tracking.com kept a reach of 2.5 million impressions for the weekend we were there! The power of social media is amazing!

    I’ve been invited back to Maui Nui next month to experience Lanai and Molokai and through the posts from the writers in this program, I’m thrilled beyond belief at the beauty that awaits.

    • Fantastic Jen! Please ping me when you are here. @roxannedarling. I will be off island some myself but maybe we will get lucky and can arrange a F2F meetup! And I will definitely RT your articles so do ping me!

    • Thanks for refreshing my full brain Courtney! I am not so sure that Google trick will work anymore – I really like being off the computer as much as possible now that we have moved to hippie country – Haiku! (Enjoyed reading your article and seeing the “three graces.”) BTW, @shane is having another art show this Feb 18-19 at the cannery and I hope you will join us again!

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  10. Roxanne,
    I saw this post just after midnight on New Year’s Eve and loved the slide show of the results of your Lanai Visitor’s Bureau blogging project.Beautiful presentation. To see such statistics and be able to give proven results is just amazing. Happy for you and the new year doing it again. If I can contribute something, let me know. I’d love to do a farm tour segment.
    Marilyn recently posted..10 Things to do in 2012My Profile

    • Thank you Marilyn – I really appreciate the compliment coming from you who is an artist! Much as I would love to include the Farm Tour this is for Lanai. Have you been in touch with @prwahine? Wendy is arranging some blogger trips for Maui I think.

  11. Really enjoyed reading this. Matt Long got me to the article, when I posted a need for some more raw data to plug into a social media presentation I am doing about working with travel bloggers. Excellent stuff in here.

    And feel free to hit me up for 2012, if you think I’d work well with your program. Good luck.
    Michael Hodson recently posted..Jet Lag HellMy Profile

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