Homage to the Difficulty of Building a Web Site

I have come to realize once again how hard it can be to put “my mask on first in the case of a loss of cabin pressure.”

Small businesses face an unusual challenge that large businesses are immune to, by simple virtue of their size: guilt feelings about putting yourself first. In the bigco, there are so many layers of culpability and rarely is the decision-maker the one who looks the client straight in the eye and says, “No, I am sorry we can’t do it for that price.” Or, I wish we could, but this week we are working on our site, which is four years old and embarrassingly out of date, considering what we are capable of doing.

We had plans to close shop between Christmas and New Year’s, and just work on our own company collateral. Alas, we stayed busy with little requests here and there, and just trying to catch up on the backlog of filing, book-keeping, planning that frequently gets pushed aside to meet the monthly billables.

The good news in our case, is how much we appreciate our clients. We’ve got a great group of business owners who value us for what we do for them, and who themselves are successful, nice people too.

Now if only we could treat our own web site as well as we treat our clients’ sites!

It’s worse somehow, too, because we think of so many business-savvy things we could do with our web site. If only we had the time.

So here is the 2005 boost to get a new site. The software we use allows us to set up the structure first. The style and design can be added later, changed as often as we like, independent of the content and navigation. Wish us luck and aloha!

P.S. For any of our clients reading this in the future…yes we DO know how hard it is to get the web site built and put together. You can remind us anytime.