Using Gmail as a File Server

Gmail is the email service currently being offered by Google in beta (test) release. One of the big advantages of it is that each account gets 1 GB (that’s a gigabyte) of storage. I got into the gmail game reluctantly, as it’s no secret I already have a lot of email accounts!  But using it as a remote file server, that I can access from anywhere anytime on any computer…well that got my interest.

Because the account is essentially a beloved first child of Google, it has inherited Google’s search abilities. In fact, Google suggests, don’t even bother with folders and filing — just let Google find it for you when you want something! To those who hate filing and tolerate clutter well, it’s a “neat” solution. (Like how I snuck that in there?)

So how do we use it? We send emails and files to it as an added level of back up protection. Not a great solution for your primary or even secondary backup procedures, but a really good one for snips of this and that you really think you can’t live without.

On long message threads, such as news group subscriptions, it will allow you to “collapse” or “show” the message thread contents. That comes in handy..

The story goes that to support this currently free account, there will be ads inserted into emails that are sent. This already happens with other free email accounts, such as hotmail and yahoo. So far, I have not seen a single ad. Maybe they want us dependent on it so we won’t turn away when the ads come marching in. Unlike the other free email accounts, there are as yet no ads on the log in pages. And there is a built-in spam filter that works so-so, so far, for me.

How do you get one? Well, you have to get a Gmail invitation. How do you get an invitation? Just ask us. The longer you have an account, the more invitations you can accrue.

If you want a gmail account, just email us. We’ll get one right out to you!

AUTHOR: Mary Schmidt
DATE: 04/23/2005 03:33:51 PM
Perfect for me – so much of the work I do is quickly outdated anyway (customer deliverables, proposals) that I can just send to my Gmail account for quick access in case of catastrophe – and for access from client sites. I can travel light and still be professional and productive. (You should send out as a member listserv message to NAWBO and other association members.) Great “whack in the side of the head” tip!