Use Site Structure for Better Search Engine Results

Not being found is a particular problem with sites that are built all in Flash, or that have a lot of images and not a lot of HTML text. You may see words, but the search engine robots won’t if they are actually images. Be sure that you can select specific words with your cursor to be sure your content is readable by the search engines.

# Have a descriptive page title that starts with your company name and can then be followed with other key descriptors, such as location, industry, and/or key services. This title is the one that shows up in the title bar at the top of your browser window. You will need access to the “code” of your pages to change the page title information. It’s good practice to pay attention to your page titles. Plus, the title is what shows up in a visitor’s Favorites list – so make it easy for them to know who you are.

# Have at least 100 words of HTML text as high up on the page as possible. Listen to how we helped our client, get a consistent top 3 position for a very competitive search term, “California wedding locations.” Be sure to include your company name and your geographical location. Local search is becoming hotter and hotter…but we’ll discuss that in a future BizzyCast!

# Use the title tag and the alt tag if you have a lot of flash or images on your web pages. Be sure to include your company name! Don’t just say title=”company logo” but instead say title=”My Company logo.” Or go even further with something like title=”My Company logo call us for professional web services in Hawaii, New Mexico, and California.” It’s invisible unless the user rolls over the image, so it’s a great way to extend your messaging.

Want help? We offer you at least two choices. One, we recommend hiring us for a Web Site Analysis. We’ll look at your rankings and your site structure to see how you can improve your search results. Two, you can hire us for Online Marketing services.

It takes more time to write useful title tags for every image and search engine-friendly page content, but that’s one of the things we think you should expect when hiring a professional web developer.