Use Google Alerts to Protect Company Assets

Would you know if others are grabbing your content and placing it on their web sites without your permission? Using Google Alerts can certainly help. Here’s a real example of what happened with us. There’s even a happy ending to this story.

It really helps to have a Scorpio on staff. In the case of Bare Feet Studios, that would be Shane Robinson. For those of you not up to date on your astrology, Scorpios are great spies and trackers. When applied to technology, that means great trouble-shooting abilities as well as making it really hard for people to sneak things past him.

One of his tools is Google Alerts. Google will be your very own research assistant and send you news once a day, as it happens, or once a week on the topics (“keywords”) you specifiy. It integrates automatically with your gmail account. Don’t have a gmail account yet? Contact us for an invitation. They are free, but currently are available by invitation only.

Last night Shane received an alert about one of our BizzyCasts. He followed the link, and low and behold, there was one of our business podcasts re-purposed without attribution on the home page of another web site. He sent off an email alerting the site to copyright infringement, and requesting A) that we be given attribution and a link or B) removal of the audio file.

This morning, we revisit the site, and there is a lovely paragraph and link to us, along with the audio file. We consider this a great internet networking response. Our thanks to Internet Marketing Radio and Google Alerts. You can check it out yourself here:
Internet Marketing Radio

In case you miss it, here are the before and after screen shots:
Bizzycast without attribution

BizzyCast with attribution

DATE: 04/07/2005 09:49:37 AM
Oh, man, that guy? He’s spamming all the podcasting lists and some of us by e-mail. Seems he may mean well, but his tactics are so brazen it’s annoying. Glad he made the tweak for you.