Learn How to Podcast

Bare Feet Studios sends out congratulations to fellow Hawaii podcaster Todd Cochrane on his soon to be released book, Podcasting – The Do It Yourself Guide.

Todd is an amazing geek – one who has a great sense of tech, a work ethic that astounds even his fellow workaholics, and a business mind that is not based on greed. In my experience, a rare and refreshing mix of humanity.

I am talking about using this medium combined with weblogs to create true changes in society, and how we feed our brains with information on a daily basis.—Todd Cochrane

Based here in Hawaii, he has been producing the popular podcast, Geek News Central, for several months. He was approached by a publisher to write the book on podcasting, and so he took on yet another major task – and kept it private! (Add that to his list of stellar qualities.)

You can pre-order Todd’s book now at Amazon.com

Aloha e Todd!