Web IQ Quiz for Business Owners (v1)

Knowledge is the power currency in the beginning of this third millennium.  If you are doing business on the web, then there is a whole new vocabulary to learn!  Try our Web IQ Quiz – v1.  We intend to add more over time. After all, knowledge is being created (and destroyed!) on a moment by moment basis.

Q1. What does “above the fold” mean?

Q2. What setting does the typical pc office computer use, “8 by 6” or “10 by 7”?
(Bonus points: why does this matter to your web site?)

Q3. What is RSS and what is one of the main features it adds to modern web sites that is not available on older web sites?

Q4. Are you reading blogs weekly or more often?

Q5. How can you tell how many other web sites are linking to your site?

2 pts for each correct answer. Guess all five and earn a perfect 10!

I’d like to provide a little more incentive for those of you who know more about your business than the web. If these questions look like a foreign language, be one of the first three (3) business owners to submit “I don’t know!” comments here, and we’ll give you a *free BizzyCast blog* for six months. We’re here to help you use the web successfully as a business tool.