Calling a Few Business Communicators

I’ll be on the panel at the IABC – Hawaii meeting this week and am looking for a few communicators who want to get on the fast track with corporate blogging and podcasting.

Peter Kay (panel moderator) organized a brown bag lunch with me and my fellow panelists this past Friday. We met at gorgeous Kakaako Park, mildy distracted by the sweet south swell tempting our inner body surfers to come out and play.

Surf aside, we had a rousing discussion while developing our list of questions and panel topics. Being rather voluminous communicators all, it’s amazing we actually managed to eat our plate lunches. It raised one of my favorite points—more minds are better than one, no matter how brilliant that one may be. On several topics, we had a wide variety of opinions, though all were well made and well supported.

We talked about changing the world as people share their unique perspectives on a foundation of peership.

The common thread running through the discussion though was how and why companies “should” be blogging and podcasting, and why many are so reluctant. (Standard Caveat: I don’t much support use of the word “should.” There are good reasons to blog or not – and we can help you sort them quickly without pressure or angst.)

I addressed one aspect of this a while ago on my personal site, when talking about the Digital Divide. It’s happening right under our noses. Really smart and successful people are missing out on one of the most fundamental (IMO) course changes in communication in history! It’s partly due to technophobia, but there is also a more generic fear of the unknown.

So if you are a company looking to get over blog-phobia, and would prefer to be out there on the vanguard of communicators (the views are terrific!) then please join us at the IABC meeting or get in touch for a chat. We have several tonics for calming concerns. Then we can serve you up just as much knowledge as you want. And we are committed to making sure the process supports you and your business, regardless of your decision to blog or not, podcast or not.

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AUTHOR: Mary Schmidt
DATE: 06/08/2005 01:30:43 PM
In addition to techno phobia, fear of the unknown and resistance to change – there’s also many people’s social programming to be modest and polite. Blogs are often perceived as ego trips by the writers. That’s changing…but then we run into what’s “business” and what’s “personal.” The line continues to blur due to changes in our society as well the ever-increasing communications capabilities enables by technology. People are still figuring out what’s “professional.”