More Executives Are Blogging

A new report from US News and World Report discusses how the iron wall of formal PR-speak is melting fast in the heat of corporate blogging.

Blogging Bosses

h3. Candid Corporate Communication: What a Concept!

Although many are still standing on the sidelines shaking their heads in disbelief, the business climate has changed. Customers can tell *when the corporation is talking* versus the living, breathing individuals who make the decisions for the corporation.

Be the customer for a moment: do you want to talk with the corporation or a real person?

Information is no longer “precious” — instead it can be found everywhere — albeit in various forms of accuracy. If you want to be in charge of public perceptions – aka *your brand*, then best for you to be proactive. Talk to us directly, so we won’t have to rely on hearing things (modified) by others.

“Blog readers are a small but very influential group of people,” says Mark Hass, CEO of public-relations firm Manning Selvage & Lee. The firm’s BlogWorks unit launched and maintains the technical aspects of FastLane, GM’s executive blog where Lutz and other executives post their Web journals. – US News & World Report

h3. Breaking News: Blogging Eliminates Multiple Personality Disorder!

People are no longer willing to maintain two separate personas — work and personal.

That doesn’t mean full disclosure all the time about every last detail of your life. A successful blog is one that navigates the extremes of all or nothing, and provide snippets that are engaging and entertaining.

Shane and I each maintain separate, personal blogs that are unrelated to our company. But that doesn’t mean we have to hide our opinions here or pretend we are merely working machines. In fact, as our business develops, one consistent thread has been our ever more candid communication with our clients.

Update! We’re all blog all the time now. [We also have a somewhat quirky blog here – tightly integrated into our main site. (Some might say it’s buried.) We know our audience does not read many blogs yet, so we thought having our blog “inside” might give it more exposure to non-bloggers.]

What do you think? Is it too hard to find? Do you like the convenience of being able to jump around the blog and the podcasts and the main site, rather seamlessly? Have you noticed that the newest blog post can always be seen on the home page? We’d like to know what you think.


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