Albuquerque Biz Owners Explore Blogosphere

We had a full room for our lunchtime talk in Albuquerque on the Blog Advantage. There was a great mix of attendees, from investing companies to environmental products retailer to communications and human resources specialists. I was barely 5 minutes into the presentation before the questions started, and we continued for 1.5 hours of very engaged and dynamic conversation about the many aspects of blogging for business. In case you missed it, here is the the presentation in printable form. (PDF; 255 KB)

h3. Key Discussion Points

# Though half the country still does not know what a blog is, blogging is rapidly being employed as a powerful business communication and marketing tool.
# Blogging, from our point of view, is not just about the communication, it’s also about the software advantages. Blog-based sites have better search engine rankings, for example.
# Blogging is a great way to collect valuable market data and to really have a personal dialog with your customers.
# Blogging creates peer-to-peer relationships among all sorts of previously isolated people. How about you and Tom Peters, or you and Boeing engineers, or you and the Vice-Chairman of GM.

h3. How to Get Started

# Start reading blogs. Go to Google, and enter a search for something of interest, and include “blog” in your search string.
# Start commenting on blogs. Get engaged with the blog community. Each comment automatically creates a link back to your site. You can benefit from blog technology even if you don’t have a blog!
# Experiment with blogging by setting up an account at our new service, BizzyCast (link has expired). You can have a free, 30-day trial that is easily and affordably extended.
# Let us help you strategize and implement a blog site to give your business the advantage.


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