Apple did NOT invent Podcasting

Don’t get me wrong. I love Apple. I think of Apple as much more than a computer maker and software company. Apple is actually a lifestyle company that really understands design, culture, art, and creativity. But I digress…

For all of the wonderful things that Apple has created, Podcasting is not one of them. And while they did arrive at the party about 8 months late, they were smart enough to have already developed the infrastructure, ITMS (iTunes Music Store), that gave them the ability to easily and quickly develop support for downloading and subscribing to Podcasts.

Apple has never claimed they invented Podcasting. But as the mainstream media is finally coming to the party, now over a year after the first podcasts were launched (I have the proud distinction of being among the first 30 podcasters in the world when I launched my personal podcast in October of 2004), they (mainstream media) are starting to rewrite history. This from a story today in the Sacramento Business Journal:

“Podcasting began to catch on about a year ago. Apple invented the medium to give its multiplied millions of iPod users something to listen to besides their favorite music.” Sacramento Business Journal: Pondering podcasts’ potential

Come on! Even a minimum amount of research will turn up the true origin of Podcasting. It’s one thing to misquote a source. If you’ve ever been featured in a newspaper or magazine article you know how some reporters can set out to write their story rather than the story. But to just make something up out of thin air? Enough already. A lot (thousands) of people have worked long and hard and have put in very late nights to get Podcasting to where it is today.

I beg of you, mainstream media, do a little research—heck, maybe even subscribe to a few Podcasts so you really understand the technology—before you start rewriting history and adding untruths to what is already a confusing technology for most people.