PayPal Login Issue with Safari Web Browser

Some people have reported getting a login error when trying to use PayPal to pay their bills. We figured out what the problem is and have two solutions for you.

Strangely enough, I got a strange error when I tested it, however Shane did not. We did a little more investigation and it appears to be an issue with Safari mis-storing old PayPal data. The problem seems to affect people who have logged in to PayPal previously. Here are two workarounds. Either one should work for you.

# Use Firefox web browser.
It’s free, downloads and installs in minutes, and will import your bookmarks. With the web still a “work in progress,” it’s a good practice to have more than one web browser on your computer for the occasional site that likes one more than another.
# To use Safari, you will need to clear out whatever little glitch got in there. Go to the Safari menu, and choose “Reset Safari.” You will lose your history, but this does seem to clear out the confusion.
As a side note, if you use Safari, consider getting a “Dot Mac” account. It will let you sync your Safari bookmarks, your address book, your calendar, and all of your passwords online, nad between multiple computers.

Thanks to Victoria for reporting the problem to us, so we could investigate it and provide the fix.

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