Technology Goes to the Dentist

I went to the dental hygenist today. I guess you can tell it’s been a long time since my last teeth cleaning. It was so “this century!”

First of all, the hygenist no longer works at the dentist’s office, but instead out of a separate (read: outsourced) facility. Lots of hygenists running around using all sorts of computers and tools and technology. Lovely office; a tight ship for sure.

At first I was a little irritated. I am thinking, “This is going to take more than 20 minutes.” Then I thought, “That means it is going to cost more than sixty bucks.”

But the lovely Lucy wore down my objections, as she inventoried my teeth and the mm that each one is receding, logged it into my computer record, cleaned off the plaque, and zapped me with sonic something or other. Oh, and she did get around to flossing and cleaning the teeth too. It wasn’t last century’s teeth treatment to be sure, and some would say, “Who needs all this new-fangled stuff?”

In the process I was also mildly irritated with the specialists who spent time inventing all the little gadgets, “just because they could” though I would be stuck paying for the use of them.

But by the end I realized that better care for my teeth is a good thing for me, plus, who am I to frown on new technology?

As a postcript, I felt smugly satisfied when Lucy asked if I used a tongue scraper. “Well yes I do!” It’s a very ancient piece of Ayurvedic technology that’s been on the hippie health food circuit for decades. Seem modern mainstream dentistry has discovered its many benefits.

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