Thanks for Inviting Me to The NMAWC Workshop

Thank you very much to Phyllis Wolf and the New Mexico Association for Women in Communication for inviting me to speak at the workshop today. What a dynamic and engaging group! As promised, I have posted a PDF of the presentation I prepared (and fortunately was spared from presenting!) along with as many of the links I mentioned, as I can remember.

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Download My Presentation Notes (PDF; 336K) Internet Marketing in the Age of Google

h3. From Dave Meurer Comments:

Here is a book I love for finding your voice using pen and paper writing as compared to computer drafts:
Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, a Taos writer and writer’s coach. I worked with her many years ago and still value the exercises.

h3. From Pat Wallwork’s Comments:

Check out the blog by Pat Wallwork’s partner:
Bart Cleveland’s Blog for Ad Age

You may also be interested in listening to my talk last spring about the “Long Tail” (link has expired). It’s related to Pat’s discussion of paying more for less in terms of ad dollars. Except that out on the long tail, ROI is incredible due to the loyalty and specificity of the highly targeted audience. This is what I was discussing with Adam Curry’s Podcast and the Senseo sales he makes without a sponsorship deal.

photo of Kathy Lovin and Melanie Rubin

Kathy Lovin, The Vineyard Express and Melanie Rubin Coaching

h3. Links I Mentioned

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Blogs Will Change Your Business Business Week, May, 2005
IABC Presentation (link has expired) Panel I was on in Honolulu last June
Corporations Entering Brave New World of Blogs
Get Firefox Web Browser It’s faster, safer, and much friendlier than IE.
Basecamp Online project management tool
Adam Curry
Senseo Coffee Machine
Duke City Fix Albuquerque’s Best Community Blog I think
The MommyCast They got $100K sponsorship from Dixie.
Dave Meurer Zoom Strategies
Pat Wallwork McKee Wallwork Cleveland


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Great idea, I’m going to try it myself. Thanks.