Lannan is Podcasting

Lannan Foundation is a living treasure, providing support and venues to leading writers and activists from around the globe. We have set up a podcast site for them to make available many of the hundreds of hours of audio recordings from these gifted and passionate thinkers of our time.

In many cases, the Lannan recording is one of the only live recordings made by an individual. The majority of the programs that are being released were recorded live in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the Lensic Theatre.

One of the things we love about working with Lannan is their willingness to push the envelope in so many ways. They support those individuals who are out speaking against the mainstream babble and they have embraced the internet (and their own web site) with the same determination and curiosity.

It has been our challenge and our pleasure to work for them over the past six years and to help them dramatically extend the reach of their work.

Please visit their main site: Lannan Foundation and the new Lannan Podcasting.