Introducing Beach

Beach Walks with Rox is our new Web 2.0 project. We’ve been working on it in the background and off hours, but now that we have some traction, we wanted to announce it to you here!

Beach Walks with Rox

h2. What is Beach Walks with Rox?

It is a daily video blog, aka vlog, aka video podcast, aka internet tv show – take your pick. This is an emerging tool and the labels haven’t quite sorted themselves out yet.

h2. What is the point?

There are several!
* Play with the technology – video, RSS, viral marketing, etc.
* Share the many wonderful aspects of living and working in Hawai’i.
* Attempt to grow a new business in our spare time.

h2. What sort of things are on the show?

A little slice of daily life in Hawaii, with me and our adorable dog Lexi. It’s free, and you are all invited to join us. We’ve done 80 shows and covered all sorts of things like the dangers of sunscreen, Nata Village in Botswana fighting AIDS, “live dangerously – wear a bikini”, Lei Day, and even had a guest director from “Lost” – the TV show that is filmed in Hawaii. In other words, sometimes serious, sometimes frivolous, always Aloha.

h2. Who is watching?

People in 58 countries! You can read the comments on the site and watch the shows to hear the calls on the conch shell line, to see that we have a very wide mix of women and men, all ages, and it’s kid safe too. Out of over 700 video podcasts on the leading tracking site, Podcast Alley we usually rank around 12-14. (We’ll rank higher if you vote for us!) We are currently #225 out of over 19,000 total podcasts (audio and video)!

h2. What’s Next?

We are planning our 100th show and will be having a contest for viewers to submit their feedback (text, audio, and video) and win hundreds of dollars worth of dakine Hawaiian gifts. Stop by the site to learn more.

Beach Walks with Rox

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