Save the Internet and Your Privacy

Many of us have been merrily surfing away on the internet without realizing that the “powers that be” are seriously attempting to change it from an open environment to one that is controlled by the telcos while proposed new laws would require ISPs to maintain records of their customers web surfing activity! 

This is a heinous burden on business and a gross violation of our privacy. I believe it is time to remember that we have a participatory democracy here in the U.S. and we are responsible for how we get treated.

Legislation Would Require ISPs to Store Users’ Activities
bq. A prominent Republican on Capitol Hill has prepared legislation that would rewrite Internet privacy rules by requiring that logs of Americans’ online activities be stored, CNET has learned. The proposal comes just weeks after Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Internet service providers should retain records of user activities for a “reasonable amount of time,” a move that represented a dramatic shift in the Bush administration’s views on privacy.

What if you got bumped to the back of the bus on the way to the internet?
There is legislation pending to give telcos increased control over access to the internet. You can watch this short video we made on the topic. You can also visit Save the Internet to learn more.

May 24th there will be a national day of protest against this pending legislation. I know it is easy to assume that bad things won’t happen, but they do. The internet has given each citizen a voice like never before. Let’s use it to promote open communication and private lives.

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AUTHOR: Roxanne Darling
DATE: 05/18/2006 12:48:23 PM
More notes for those who want to act:

Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Efficiency Act of 2006 COPE = HR 5252

Full text here as PDF:

Wikipedia page on Net Neutrality (it’s long):

To contact your congresspeople:

Beware of and – backed by the telcos. “Astroturf – fake grassroots organization.” As one person stated, the net neutrality legislation is regulation like the Bill of Rights is regulation – they both exist to protect freedoms not take them away, as the Hands Off people would have you believe.

Marianne Granoff – thanks for your updates.