Business Leaders Respond to Market

My dad (a retired Fortune 10 Veep) and I used to disagree a lot. His main claim was that I was too idealistic; people don’t change; money will always be more important than people. But actually, I see evidence of change in the business landscape all over the place. Fortune online has a new list for CEO’s, and that icon of last century, Jack Welch, now represents the “out” column.

It’s no coincidence that my Dad and I now agree on a lot of things. As Bob Dylan reminded us many years ago, the times, they are a changing. And how could they not?

Dad agrees that CEO salaries have gotten out of control. He agrees that employees at all levels of the org chart perform better when compensated fairly and with a stake in the the success of the company. He still thinks I am too idealistic, but heh! Someone’s got to be out front exploring what could be possible.

Here’s how Fortune sees the shift.

What’s your take? Does your company manage money and soul?
My friend Richard Whiteley wrote The Corporate Shaman “way” back in 2002. For those of us who can see possibilities, the future tends to arrive slowly. But nonetheless, it does manage to get here eventually.

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