Gliffy is Glorious!

Gliffy is an online tool for making diagrams and flowcharts. Imagine, being able to crate a diagram in a web browser, then share it with colleagues, who can make their own changes, and everybody’s versions are saved so you can revert backwards if necessary, or view different iterations of a concept. Whew! It’s awesome.

I love Gliffy. We are developing a new site and Gliffy creates a process that is light years ahead of me having to make the initial site plan diagrams in OmniGraffle, then convert to PDF, then distribute via email or BaseCamp, then get revisions by fax or in email as people try to say, “Can you move that blue box in About over to the left of Contact?”

It takes collaboration from concept to reality when it comes to software like Visio. It is a great use of web-based functionality. It makes my life easier as now I am not the only one who can update these maps, or test different strategies, or track versions. And for now (it’s in Beta) it is free. I’d be happy to pay for it.

It is a Flash-based app that has a very clean, intuitive interface. It acts just like a desktop application. Since it is based in your web browser, it is Mac-PC compatible.

Mahalos to Alison, the Click Chick (link has expired) for turning me onto this terrific new business tool.

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