I am woman, hear me.

For seemingly forever, men and the male voice have owned the “authority” space. When polled, men and women alike prejudicially choose men over women when it comes to “best leader”, etc. I am not interested in roaring. Just being heard. Period. Not dismissed based on gender alone. 

Steve Safran suggests over at Lost Remote that a TV station hire a woman anchor just because she has a strong voice. This type of thinking is just what I focus on over at Beach Walks with Rox.

Yes, we all still have that old back brain that runs purely on instinct and fight or flight syndrome. But that doesn’t mean we have to use it! Part of what consciousness is about is learning to think — and act — with the frontal cortex. That ability to set aside things we know to be silly (like women can’t lead or manage authority) and act different!

This is precisely what Joan Baker (successful voice-over talent) suggests in her article called Challenging the Voice of God.

Counter Point:
I have to add since we are talking about voices, I don’t know where the young girls of today get those squeaky whiny voices. I find that incredibly irritating. Alongside the very old prejudice against women’s authority, is females adopting speaking behaviors that sound childish and powerless. It takes both sides to effectively change a power structure. C’mon girls! Drop those energy-draining twangs; they don’t score you any points except perhaps with your own peers. Or better yet, develop a versatile voice that can come and go with ease. grin


AUTHOR: Steve Safran
URL: https://lostremote.com
DATE: 08/02/2006 03:36:09 AM
Roxanne: Thank you so much for the shoutout. One note – I’m not suggesting a female anchor so much as a female voice of the whole station. As in – the announcements for the promos, the voice-over for the intro to the newscasts, etc.

Couldn’t agree more about the squeaky voices. But there are plenty of guys with bad voices, too. A search for a strong female voice would lead to an excellent choice.

Thank you again for the link.