Why (text-audio-video) blog? A sample of one.

There is so much frenzy about video blogging these days!  And like most trends, there is incredible presuure and lure out there for people to jump on the bandwagon. It’s human nature 101: when someone finds something they love, they want “everyone else” to share the love too. Alas, it doesn’t always make sense.

Whether it’s people pushing iPods or Bibles, the urge to evangelize is one powerful urge!

Jeff Pulver responded to Dina Kaplan’s suggestion (link has expired) to “Do a Video Blog” with a sober and IMO realistic perspective:

bq. This all said, working with video does require some level of full-time commitment and care and is more “work” than just putting together one’s thoughts for a text blog on any given Saturday afternoon.

And Robert Scoble has a useful list of video blog considerations that is both inspiring (no, it doesn’t have to be perfect) and yet practical (good sound matters). Devlon at Loaded Pun (link has expired) also weighs in, pointing out the grass roots power of this medium. It feels like something we the people are just not going to let go of! Video is so much more compelling. Remember all those arguments you’ve had, wishing someone had documented it with video, to “prove” your version of reality?? Well, now you can.

h2. A Study of One:

Here is my history with (text/audio/video) blogging.

Even though I love to write, I so far haven’t become a great blogger. I don’t have much of the snoop and gossip genes that I think help make a great blogger. I’ve had many blogs, starting back in 2001, but none really stirred my pot.

Then I got excited about audio podcasting, because heaven knows I love to talk to people. But that didn’t really stick either, tho not for lack of ideas. It seemed cumbersome and I wanted to write it out first, but didn’t want to take/have the time. Me alone with my microphone in my office where I already spend too much time? Nahh.

Then along comes videoblogging, and I have truly found my home. It feels so natural to me. I love it, though it is considerably more difficult and more time-consuming than blogging or audio-podcasting. Especially since I choose to do my Beach Walks with Rox outside in the elements, every single day, generating content from my my own little heart and mind. Go figure!

As a consumer, I often prefer to read as I can get so much more in, in a short period of time. I love it when a/v podcasters have show notes as that helps me decide whether or not to go further. Even if I don’t have time to listen/watch, I can still engage in a relationship. I am very loyal to the podcasters who “speak to me” – something I cannot yet define. But I won’t wait for an ad that most MSM requires before it will show me their video. Especially when I have to wait several seconds for anything at all to begin to play – as all the ad-click tracking makes its database calls to report on my behavior.

But back to my original point, seems to me there are plenty of us who are seriously inspired by video on the internet and we can back off everyone else. I like that old AA practice: attraction not promotion. If it’s as powerful as many of us think, it’s only going to get bigger. You’ve got plenty of time to jump on this bandwagon. As for me, I have so many show ideas I can’t sleep at night!

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