Checklist for Business Video Podcasters

Video podcasting has tremendous appeal and potential for business applications. Here’s a checklist to help you start off on the right foot.

Video podcasting is a great example of one of the internet’s most confusing aspects: very technical things can appear to be both simple and complex. Simple, in that all kinds of “regular” people are doing it using their home computers and (mostly) free software. Complex, in that it takes a fair amount of software and technical understanding to create the video files, encode them, post them on a web server, and then enable people to actually subscribe to them!

Here’s a beginning checklist to have in hand as you start thinking about delivering your company message and/or assets via podcasting. This post focuses on the technical criteria.

# Where will you host your movie files?
** Some server configurations restrict the delivery of movie files.
** What are your bandwidth limits there? It is likely that adding video feeds will push the limits of your current contract as video puts exponentially more demand on a server, especially if you are successful.
** How are you tracking site stats?
** What backup procedures do you have for your raw video projects and your hosted files?
# What CMS or blog software are you currently using to manage the pages that deliver video?
** Does it generate the RSS feed for you automatically?
** Can you edit the RSS feed so it is iTunes-compatible?
** What plug-ins are you using to manage the enclosures?
# What file formats do you intend to provide for subscribers?
** Most people can view Quicktime files, but in our experience, about 10-20% prefer Windows Media versions.
** If more than one format, will your software handle multiple enclosures?
# Do you intend to charge for your subscription?
** How do you intend to manage the private pages and RSS feed for paid subscribers?
** How do you manage contact/communication with your subscribers?
** How and where are you going to manage customer support issues “I can’t see the movie.” and training follow-up?
# What copyright license do you intend to attach to your movie?
** Do you intend to share or license your movies for use by other organizations?
** Are you concerned about copyright infringement? It most likely will occur.
# How do you intend to brand and polish your movies?
** Consider a custom iMovie template, show graphics, company brand embedded, royalty-free music, pre-post roll messaging, etc.)
** How and where do you intend to post your free feed for marketing purposes?
** Have you started a list of video aggregator sites that you may wish to use to market your podcast?

I think that’s enough for now! If this all sounds like too much tech and you still want to pursue video podcasting, consider contacting us or check out Freevlog or IzzyVideo Tutorials for more information.