Roxanne Speaks at IABC Hawaii (Links & Notes)

I am so grateful to have been asked to present at the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) monthly meeting in Honolulu yesterday. What an engaging group of professionals!

I had such a great time! Having the “live case study” featuring Mighty J and Dr. Trey was the icing on the cake. I’ll be creating a few video podcasts of the actual talk in the next few days.

As a reminder, here were the goals I presented for the talk:
# Realize that just because your kids can do something and there is a lot of free software, that it isn’t likely that easy to do it for your business. Here are some places to start.
# Shed some light on the current phenomenon of online video, social networking sites, and user-generated content. Discuss some real examples of how innovators are using the tools and tapping into the “attention economy.”

Slide Show Presentation
*Technology + Communication: The Return on Influence*

Here is a Quicktime movie of the slide show I delivered. (I’ll be posting a video podcast of the actual presentation in a few days.) It will require the most current version of the free Quicktime Software. Or, you can download the free iTunes software and keep a copy to watch whenever you like. To download a copy, right-click on the link and “Save” to your local computer. Click your back button when you are done and you will come back to this page.

View the slideshow in a new window (link has expired).

Links We Discussed:
Go learn more about Mighty J & leave a comment!
Mighty J on KHNL
Dr. Trey is the brains behind this Web 2.0 music strategy.
Beach Walks with Rox has a new episode every single day.
Get the free, fast, safe Firefox web browser.
Save and tag your bookmarks at
Get a free gmail account and set up Google Alerts.
Learn more at the Hawaii Assoc. of Podcasters.
Attention Economy by Georg Franck
Learn more about the IABC in Honolulu & submit your work for their upcoming awards.
Get a USB thumb drive to keep in your purse or pocket for fun or emergencies
Get an iPod – it’s not too late!

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“Your presentation on Wednesday at the IABC Luncheon was great. I learned about and absorbed meaningful information that I can use now. That is the way presentations should impact an audience and your speech did just that. Thank you.”
– Anthony M.

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