Jeff Pulver Walks My Talk

Jeff Pulver has issued open invitations to videobloggers to attend his Video on the Net Conference in San Jose, CA as his guest.

Video on the Net

He’s actually putting money to bridge one of the many “digital divides” – in this case between the large media and IT companies who have revenues in the hundreds of thousands per employee and the small independent content producers whose work is fueling the likes of YouTube,, and Podtech.

The bottom line is that the cost to attend is normally around $2K. The fact that Jeff realizes we independent producers don’t have the big budgets, yet values our contributions and is making room for us to be there, is quite huge. It’s a shift in thinking, that it’s not just about the money. It’s also about the conversations, and Jeff is bringing these two normally disparate groups together.

We don’t normally travel in the same circles, but we’ll be able to schmooze together at VON. Historically we might have had little in common, but now our futures are closely entwined as IPTV aka video on the internet changes our world.

I also had a great meeting today with Dick Jones who is leading the iptv innovations at Hawaiian Tel. Part of our conversation boiled down to the discrepancy between the [excessively?] high programming fees charged by channels like ESPN at one end and the expectation that shows like Beach Walks with Rox can be had for free on the other end. We’re working to bridge this gap too.

So mahalo nui to both of you gentlemen for inviting us to the table. And especially to Chris Brogan who is really helping make these ideas a reality. Chris is one fine messenger.

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