Loving my new EVDO card for Mobile Internet

I have a new PC card that allows me to connect to the internet from my laptop “just about anywhere.” Remember how your cell phone liberated you from your land line? That’s what my EVDO card does with me and my computer. I no longer have to depend on being at my home/office or a wifi hotspot in order to get online. 

All I do is pop open the laptop, insert the card, click the little “connect” icon in my dock, and within about 20 seconds I am on the internet.

The Sprint service costs about $80 per month. At first glance that seems high. But when I think of the 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there that I can actually work—like right now sitting on a plane before takeoff —and then calculate the total and realize that when I get home, I may have an hour or more of free time! And that is for only one day. Multiply that but 10-20 days, and I’m reaping a lot of “extra” time that used to be filled with doing things that were not important, simply because I was hostage to the limits of my location. Obviously, the math works for me.

It’s a classic small business mindset to be penny wise and pound foolish, and I say I fall for it all too often. Playing out the math in terms of looking at where I can add small efficiencies to make my overall multi-tasked day more effective, I realize that it’s worth far more than what it costs each month.

As compared to price-shopping for the cheapest internet service that dictates when and where I can use it.

It’s Friday. I just posted this in 10 minutes, using time that otherwise was spent with listening to announcements for the 1000th time!

P.S. EVDO stands for Evolution-Data Optimized.