Beach Walks Featured at Pixelodeon!

Pixelodeon is an annual independent video festival recognizing innovation, inspiration, and community in global online video. It’s happening at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles on June 9-10, 2007 and we are thrilled to be among the hand-selected, featured videos.

pixelodeon festival featured show graphicHere’s what this event is about, straight from Pixelodeon: “Pixelodeon is an annual independent video festival recognizing innovation, inspiration, and community in global online video. This is our inaugural year! Over 300 videos, four keynote speakers, two dozen curators, and several hundred people interested in independent media will get together in one weekend to celebrate the diversity and talent of online video content. If you want to see what’s happening online and meet the people who are making it happen, this is the place to be.”

Doing a show like Beach Walks with Rox delivers so many unintended consequences. In our case, they have been universally positive. We continue to make connections and receive recognition from the most unexpected and amazing people and places! Here’s a recent viewer comment we received a few days ago:

bq. I work as a crisis management consultant in Washington, D.C. — in other words, the polar opposite of BeachWalks in both geography and stress level. The show has become a daily breath of fresh air and calm feeling. You’ll be pleased to hear that I’m passing the link around to some friends and colleagues inside the Beltway here. Most are as pleasantly impressed as I am — so you’re gaining a small cult following in DC.

Event Details:
American Film Institute
2021 N. Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

So many wonderful people are doing so much work on this event. I hope you will consider attending. It will open your eyes to an entirely new world that is alive and well, yet still not in the mainstream of media and communication. We are also pulling together a Best Practices document for content aggregators, so please email me if you are interested in that.

We want to thank the sponsors who are supporting this event:
Revver (link has expired)
MyWaves (link has expired)

A Special Shout Out to All of the Organizers:
Jay Dedman—A former journalist at CNN and educator at MNN, Jay has orchestrated a number of online videoblog projects.
Zadi Diaz—New media producer and principal at Smashface Productions, LLC. Co-creator and host of Webby Award and Vloggie Award winner JETSET.
Ryanne Hodson—Co-author of Secrets of Videoblogging, co-founder of Freevlog and Node101. Projects include Swajana and Ryan Is Hungry.
Irina Slutsky—Co-founder and host of Geek Entertainment Television and founder of the Vloggies, an online video awards show.
Steve Woolf—Co-creator and producer of the Webby Award and Vloggie Award winning JETSET show and principal at Smashface Productions, LLC.

And to the Video Editors
Lan Bui — A photographer by trade, Lan has been teaching video blogging since 2006 after co-founding OCvideoBlogging. He is also Co-creator and producer of Noodle Scar (link has expired), a popular daily show.
Vu BuiVu is a professional photographer, videographer, video editor living in Orange County, California. He is also a producer and editor for Noodle Scar (link has expired).
Bill CammackBill is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast televison editor in New York City as well as a National and International Emmy Awards judge.
Cheryl ColanCheryl teaches Digital Multimedia courses at Scottsdale Community College and at Phoenix College. She also founded Node101 Phoenix (link has expired) in 2006 to bring on-demand vlogging workshops to her local community.
Eric Rey — Eric is a budding young video blogger from Los Angeles, California. You can watch him on his personal website He also frequently collaborates with his brother, Rick.
Rick Rey — Rick is a video blogging enthusiast and community proponent. His technical skills include web development, videography, video editing, and mad Guitar Hero skillZ.

And to the Support Team:
Travel: Gena Haskett (link has expired)—
Animations: Ryan Junell (link has expired) —
Website: Rick Rey —

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