How to Create Special Effects for Online Video

I’m sitting in the DIY session at Pixelodeon on Special Effects with Rudy of Galacticast and Eric of Indy Mogul. Please enjoy these tips and links!

Key Points
* Storyboard before you shoot. It will save you time and help you film complex-looking scenes bu using perspective and lines of motion to create the effect. It will make the shooting go so much faster too.
* Get a little bit of cheap lighting to help light your scene. Good lighting will make it easier to apply special effects in the editing process. Household lighting can be used!
* Search craft stores and garage sales to assemble stuff for making props. A little bit of spray paint can really create a realistic looking item.

Rudy & Casey’s Galacticast
Rudy & Casey’s Production Company
Eric of

Source Material
Detonation Films – free footage of
SpinExpress – Search for creative commons media
Free Sound Project (link has expired)
The Force – star wars fan site and tutorials
Rebel’s Guide – best book ever!
Fast Track USB – device for capturing live instrument sound and remixing
GarageBand – sound effects and make your own music

Pixelodeon (link has expired)


AUTHOR: Ryanne Hodson
DATE: 06/11/2007 07:30:02 AM
i hope someone took some video of this!