Why I Disagree with Chris Brogan on the 100 Comments Project

100 Comments are not that useful. What’s the point? IMO, it’s a gimmick that promotes interaction, but not necessarily meaningful communication.

From this post at chrisbrogan.com. 100 Comments Project- Someone starts a post, we fill up 100 meaningful comments. End result: an e-book on a topic. OK I am going to weigh in on this 100 comments thing. I think the law of declining returns definitely is in play on this. I actually think it is very difficult to (one) take the time to read through all the previous comments and have something thoughtful to add and (two) expect that people won’t do a variation of “me too” just so they be part of the party. It builds more of a bully pulpit and “comments for comments sake” rather than in-depth, meaningful conversation. Or enough documentation to justify an e-book.Though I really like the idea of an e-book built on collaboration from many authors. I just don’t think a blog post with comments is the ideal mechanism for creating it.

100 Comments is like a huge cocktail party. I’d rather have dinner with eight new friends.

I’d also rather spread the love and the conversation by encouraging people to go find a new voice they haven’t /heard/watched before, and leave them a thoughtful comment! You can find these bright minds by reading the comments on the A-list blogs.Here are a few that I read (in addition to the above-mentioned Mr. Brogan) that get a lot of comments, many of them thoughtful. It’s a great place to go mining for the bright, unsung voices of the internet:
https://www.scobleizer.com – Robert Scoble for geeks and tech
https://bloombergmarketing.blogs.com/ – Toby Bloomberg on marketing
https://blog.guykawasaki.com/ – Guy Kawasaki on startups and business in general
https://headrush.typepad.com/ – Kathy Sierra creating passionate users

Then, go one step further if you like and add them to your Twitter friends and/or add a link to them in one of your blog posts. I did that earlier today for Bryan Person, an active member of the Boston new media community and with Rupert Howe who I met online through videoblogging.

h3. Rox’s Summer Project #1: Share the Link Love

Go out and spread the link love:
* The love of giving your attention to someone new;
* The love of talking directly to them;
* The super love of telling someone else about them!What do you think? Leave a short comment here – “me too’s” are perfect in this situation I think! I’d love to know your opinion and, I want you to spend your quality time connecting with others. No need to craft anything special here.

For anyone new here, I love Chris Brogan and he loves me. We just have a different approach on this one!

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Author: Jim Long, https://www.vergenewmedia.com
Date: 06/23/2007 09:24:03 AM
Chris always raises thought-provoking questions. And he really has the leadership skills to rally people to his blog. Rox, you raise an interesting point here, and it takes a bit of courage and integrity to tell a friend.. “hang on here” and express dissent. Kudos to you!Having said that, I played along anyway. ;-)