The downside of being popular

For those of you in a hurry (and there are many!) the answer is: blog gets ignored.

For those of you interested in nuance, here’s more:
# Months ago we started planing a web site re-design. That’s one of our core businesses, so it should be easy right? Wrong. We know too much. We ask ourselves too many questions. We consider all kinds of things that would not even be on the radar for many – especially, “What software should we use?” We love software; we get in there and push it hard to see what it can do for us and for our clients. At the end of the day, our wish list is huge and there isn’t any one app that does it all for us. For now. So this is worthy of many delays.
# I hope it’s obvious, but if you can’t settle on the bones, you can’t work on the skin. We did finally settle on WordPress – another post to go over why – and therein lies the next seduction.
# There are thousands of themes that have been created for WP! That’s a lot to look through. And the bummer is that each one is coded by an individual who may or may not have a clear sense of coding the darn thing. Just when we found a concept we likes, we would get in there to do a little customization, and things would fall apart. Those of you who have worked with WP themes are now smiling. :-)
# Then there is the site transfer. In theory, one database (our old web site) can talk to another database (our new website). In reality, db’s are fussy. They want apples to be apples and oranges to be bananas. They don’t know what to do when you toss a lilikoi into the mix. So, that takes time holding everybody’s hand to move the content over to its new home.
# Server management. Our old site has been on its old server for over 8 years. Think about your house – you are moving, and you have collected 8 years of stuff. Only when it;s the web, if you don’t move everything or update its info, then you inadvertently have all sorts of links out on the internet that break. Uggh.
# Optimism maybe doesn’t help. Every weekend for the past three months, we’ve thought: this weekend we will just knuckle down and get it finished. We already had 2 sites up (one hidden, waiting for its debut.) I didn’t want to start another blog post, and have to enter it in two places! So my apologies to my good friend Chris Brogan, who also inadvertently got stuck as the topic of our most recent post! Chris – hope you got some good link love from that!
# Popularity. Yes, this is the bottom line. If we hadn’t been so popular, with people contacting us to do all sorts of fun things for them, we would have had plenty of time to get the new site up. Fortunately, people love us regardless, and for that I am a happy person today. Is Twitter a measurable distraction? Most days no – much more of an inspiration for me.

So it is with very little fanfare that we present the new old (or old new) site version. We’ve downsized, simplified, and I am SO ready to get back to regular blogging.

[update march 2008 – this post refers to yet another expired version of our site. We just keep updating it! As new things come along. When did you last update your site?]