Links from Rox’s Talk at PNME

Here’s the link to my talk at PNME (link has expired)

I am giving an overview of the many things to consider for business video podcasting – from technology to audience interaction. Hope you’ll join me in Ballroom A – and there will be a DVD for sale afterwards.

CC Chapman – Social Networking Expert
Jim Kirks – The Clip Show
Viral the Show (link has expired)
Revver (link has expired)
Sherwin Smith – (link has expired)
Seth Godin – author
Richard Burns of Culture Catch
Todd Cochrane – Geek News Central and Raw Voice
Steve Garfield – Videoblog Pioneer
Spices of Life
Doug Kaye – Podcorps
Matthew Ebel – Musician
Jen Myronuk – Fireant (link has expired) and Odeo
Bruce Sharpe – Levelator (link has expired)
Joel Mark Witt –
Mark Rotblat of Tube Mogul
Chris Brogan – Co-founder of Podcamp
Laura Athavale Fitton – Pistachio Consulting

I’ll post the presentation file later!