I lost your phone number!

Can you relate to this story? I picked up a voice mail from our Santa Fe location. 99% of the calls we get there are spam. So even though I get an email notice the instant we get a message, I’ve become somewhat hardened and dismissive when I see the emails come in from MCI.

Nonetheless, I picked up a request from a gentleman in Santa Fe last week, and jotted his info down on a sheet of paper on my desk.

It has disappeared. And I have no way of contacting him. Like my Mom, I keep my Inbox has clean as possible. :-(

So this is my public apology in hopes that perhaps he is doing his due diligence and reading our blog in advance of possibly working together. Yes, I know. It’s a long shot. But it feels like my only shot! I suppose worst case scenario is that he thinks our customer response is terrible (and in his case I agree!) but maybe, just maybe, this will reach him. Maybe he will complain enough about us to his friends, until one of them decides to come over here and check us out personally. And discover that we are not so bad, just occasionally experience human mistakes.