How to Apologize & Acknowledge Good Customer Service

People who work in technology get tons of requests from clueless customers – legions of funny lists have been posted. Rarely do you get an inside look though into an example of someone who can admit to “user error.”

Hence the internet is often an unfiltered (though understandable) space full of exasperation morphing into meanness and plenty of “it’s not my fault.” We at Bare Feet Studios like to lobby for a little consciousness and kindness too.

I was really impressed with how my super geeeky super smart business partner replied to our email provider after bugging them for help, and wanted to share it with you.


Here’s one for your Knowledge Base or in case you start to receive similar problems reported.

I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard, last night. Apple Mail in Leopard doesn’t support some third party plugins and so reported an error and disabled those plugins. All good stuff.

But I had Rules based on those plugins. Because those plugins were now disabled, those Mail Rules grabbed every message coming in to the Inbox and placed them in random folders in Apple Mail.

I am very sorry for all your time I wasted this morning and humbled by my lack of insight that my Mail Rules could be messing with ALL incoming messages. customer service continues to be top notch even when it’s my fault and I don’t have a clue it’s my fault.

Much Mahalo (thanks)

I also found these tips for tech support you can use as needed.