iWPhone WordPress Plug-in for iPhone & iPod Touch Users

home.jpgLooking for a mobile interface for your WordPress blog and admin? Shane recently installed a new plug-in on this site, that allows me to see a lean and clean version of our web site when using my iPhone. You can get the plugin from ContentRobot and it works on both the public site and the admin area. And once the plugin is installed, your iPhone will automatically use the mobile version of the site.

On the admin page, you’ll see a little checkbox. Changing this setting is location-specific, so you can leave it checked for use on the iPhone but it can stay unchecked when logging in from the web browser on your main computer.

It makes it really easy and much faster to blog from the iPhone or iPod Touch. You have simple choices once you log in: Write, Manage, Comments, Plugins, Users, and Latest Activity. I would have been happy with Write, Manage, and Comments!

The interface is very clean on the admin. Here are a few screenshots of the “Write” interface. It’s great for starting a post when I am on the road or out and want to capture an idea or two as I can save without publishing, just like in fully caffeinated WordPress.


Clicking on each of the buttons in the lower part of the screen gives you WordPress functionality with iPhone appearance. Each Category, for example, has an on-off slider just like you find elsewhere on the iPhone.

It currently only shows blog posts and not pages, but that is on the agenda for future upgrades.

The plug-in is free, however there is a PayPal donate button and we made a $5 donation. I am happy to support the open-source developers who are creating things that make my life easier!