SmallBiz America Relaunched

smallbizamerica-logo.jpgWe love it when clients come to us thirsty for making the web work for them. David Wolf clearly has an appetite that puts him way out in front! A successful entrepreneur across industries as diverse as music and bagels, he came to us to help him develop a new business strategy. The result is

smallbizamerica.jpgPhase One includes a full blog software-based site with separate RSS feeds for David’s podcast, The Smallbiz Brain as well as for his text blog. He manages all of his content from a web-based admin. (Duh, need I say that? All of the sites we have built since 2000 have had this feature.) Throughout the course of development we all did a lot of research on numerous platforms, recording tools, and hosting options enabling David to really zero in on just what he wanted to do and how he could do that most efficiently. (Click on the thumbnail graphic to follow through on the numbered items.)

# Blog software provides so many benefits! Newest articles are always on top, featured on the home page. Visitors can leave comments and be part of the discussion. Articles can be filed in multiple categories. Search engines love blogs.
# David can select Featured Articles from his content to be highlighted on the home page, with a simple checkbox feature in his admin. They show up regardless of the date originally posted. He can strategize whom to put there, based on various business factors.
# We have an embedded audio player for first time visitors to get a quick intro via audio while they are perusing the many possibilities on the home page.
# The Tool Bar gives quick links to David’s “evergreen content” (the about us stuff that doesn’t change often) as well as the site wide search engine, and the user tools for getting on the email list or subscribing to David’s site content. The tool bar is on every page of the site.
# There is a graphic link to David’s Live365 (link has expired) internet radio station providing a 24/7 stream of audio content, some of which is also broadcast on select AM radio stations across the US.
# David can add new Categories and external links (Blogroll) easily from the site admin. Linking to others is good netiquette and helps your visitors find even more useful information.

Phase Two will be launching shortly, as he brings on additional experts (“RSP’s”) who will have their own radio show podcast channel and mini-site within Smallbiz America. Plus many more features that will make his site the place to hang out for tips on running a successful small business. Please check it out and leave David a comment that you were there!