Blog as Weather Report & ISP Status

We had a large winter storm here on Oʻahu last night. Power was off intermittently, but is now working.

Our main internet connection, via Oceanic Cable, is down. That includes TV service too – so we won’t be watching any OC16 or HGTV today!

My internet service via my cell phone, the AT&T Edge network, is also down. Calling and internet services are both unavailable.

Our third redundant backup, EVDO service on the laptop from Sprint, is working and so Shane and I are taking turns on that.

If you need to reach us you may call our land line at 808-262-9409. That is working.

Funny that I did a Beach Walks with Rox episode yesterday on appreciating all those things that just work in the background for us. Even though our main pipeline (and somedays it feels like a lifeline) is down, I very much appreciate all the tech workers who are out in the rain trying to put it back together!