Peas in a Virtual Pod

I can get cranky easily about all of the social networks I am invited to these days. If you were a fly on my office wall, you’d definitely be hearing the unanswered threat, “If I have to fill out one more profile and find any more friends to invite, I’m gonna…” Fortunately there is increasing discussion on being able to manage one’s identity online and reducing social network fatigue across multiple locations.

But meanwhile, there is Twitter.

peas.jpgThe place with the most inane underlying concept that can suck enormous time and energy time while becoming a major communication tool has created the most valuable new contacts and conversations in my world.

Do you remember when you realized that you can more comfortably say things in an email than you would typically say in person? Well, boil that down to 140 characters (including spaces) and it is amazing what we can communicate to each other. People are emboldened to open their hearts and their rolodexes knowing there is system-imposed limit. I often find that limits can be incredibly liberating within their confines.

My role model this month is Susan Reynolds, an amazing ageless woman who is a geek goddess, lives in Second Life part of her days, and now is literally twittering her way through a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. She manages to share her experience and receive our abundant love, all in little snippets of text and now the burgeoning growth of avatar pics featuring green peas as our sign of support.

She came home from the biopsy and described her use of frozen peas in the bra to heal faster.

So regardless of the time zone, of the age, of the gender, of the political affiliation, hundreds of us peas are realizing we are all in this pod together. Some are just getting boiled sooner and hotter than others. And we couldn’t have a more creative and loving unleader than Susan Reynolds. Follow her on Twitter to get your own morsels of peace.