HAF Members – Let’s Get the Jan 24 Party Started

I’ve been asked to speak at the Hawaii Advertising Federation annual “university” this coming January, 24, 2008. Since I want to evangelize about new media, I’ll be using our blog to start connecting with the members as well as asking for input from others of you who have opinions and recommendations.

For the members of HAF:
* what do you love and hate about the internet and technology?
* how often do you read blogs or consume podcasts?
* do you have an iPod?
* on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a technophobe/luddite and 10 being a geek, where do you rate yourself?

For the rest of you:
* what do you think of the state of advertising?
* what do you want to hear from a company, as a consumer of its products and services?
* are there do’s and don’ts for companies who want to converse with their customers and potential customers?
* what’s the best way to reach you and influence your buying habits?