WebClips for Your iPhone

bq. UPDATE: There have been other postings that say making a larger icon, 158×158 for example will produce higher quality results. We haven’t found that to be true. BUT, we have standardized on 60×60 for our Webclips icons and until Apple actually produces its own icons for its own website(s), we’ll be sticking with the 60×60 size. Thanks to @cdevroe (Colin Devroe) for pointing out the original article that discussed the larger 158×158 format.

There was a new iPhone update today, and Apple is sweetening the scene for those who’ve resisted hacking their iPhone. One of the coolest new features is the ability to add an icon to the main screen that will take you to a web site of your choice. iPhone will grab a square screen capture of the site and show you the URL under the icon.

Or! You can create a webclip which generates a custom icon for iPhone users. Think of it as a favicon that works with your phone bookmarks.

Iphone WebClip Icons Beach Walks & The Reef WebClips

This feature was released less than 24 hours ago; and I’m happy to brag that our tech guy, Shane Robinson, has already mastered the process and started branding our company web sites. Shane got started with this HowTo from vjarmy:

bq. Create a 57×57 PNG.
Name it “apple-touch-icon.png”
Throw it in the root folder of your website. (Not the root of your server, the root of your web documents.)

More details about iPhone at the Apple Development Center (link has expired).

Here are the direct paths to our three iPhone WebClips: