Blog Recommendations from Bare Feet Clients

I’ve been having these fun interactions with our clients, in part to get them involved and excited about new media and fundamentally to have them pay atention to their invoices and pay us promptly!

This past month I offered gift cards to each client who responded by telling me at least one blog they read and why they love it. Most surprisingly, very few actually responded. Those who did though are over-achievers; many included more than one blog.

So here’s some fun new linky love!

Knowledge is Bliss Marketing
I know it might sound self serving but I love creating my own blog because it makes me think about what kind of help my clients really, truly need.

Tim Ferris 4-Hour Work Week
I especially love tim ferris blog on the4 hr. work week. Oh don’t I WISH!
– Alison Bliss

Ask the VC
I read religiously because the posts come from real VC’s, many VC’s contribute (different perspectives) and it seems that the information is always relevant to our company and it is accurate.I have learned many things that I use regularly from
– Andy Alsop, Packet Analytics (link has expired) and Network Security Blog (link has expired)

Yarn Harlot
I read the knitting blog every single day. I just love Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She’s the total Rock Star of the knitting world. She’s funny and wry and I feel now like I know her personally.

Real Simple blog (link has expired)
I also read the Real Simple blog nearly every day, just bc I find it useful and the editor has a great “voice” that I feel is very accessible. Speaks to me as a working mom.

37 Signals
I also read the 37Signals product blog bc I’m obsessed with their products and the creative ways people use them. (Ed. note: we use the fabulous Basecamp software to manage all of our client projects.)

Bare Feet Studios
Oh, and I read, at least weekly, the Bare Feet blog. Those guys are pretty smart.
– Meredith Schwartz, Here Comes the Guide

Dances with Wool
She calls it Dances with Wool, letters from the Arctic Circle. I love it because this woman makes the most beautiful knitted garments, something I aspire to. She posts pictures of her works, and of the gorgeous outdoors where she lives in Finland. She has a calm, quiet writing style, and I like reading her entries because it slows me down.
– Sharon Carl, Here Comes the Guide

Scratchy Bottom Racing International
It’s the diary of a Father-Daughter projectto buy and restore an old TR7 for entry in the upcoming “24 Hours of LeMons” race (dedicated to cars that would otherwise be on the scrap heap). The main blogger is a young lady who grew up with her car-obsessed father, and in the process learned more than her fair share of what’s under the hood. She and her dad have great senses of humor, and a lighthearted appreciation of cars, car people, their dog, and of course each other. It’s heartwarming in an atypical way. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!
– Jolene Rae Harrington, Here Comes the Guide