Targeted, Downloadable Video Commands Highest Value

web video report logoFrom this recent post over at Web Video Report (link has expired), it’s clear to see that having targeted audiences and offering downloadable media both command higher rates than general audience and embedded media – a direct reflection of their higher value to both consumers of the content as well as to show sponsors.

Most of these companies reported CPM rates for a wide range of pre/mid/post roll video, host shout outs, overlays, etc. Goodnight Burbank’s numbers are for product placement per episode.

What was not discussed is the relationship to an online community, aka social network associated with each show. These user communities only increase the value, as they don’t just consume the media, they keep talking about it over in the community – which presents added opportunities for banner advertising and special offers.

SHOW/SITE  RATES       PAST ADVERTISERS $10-$100+ Unilever, Dewars, Comedy Central, HBO, GoDaddy, Adobe
TV Guide $25-$30 ATT/Cingular Wireless, Kraft
CNN $25+ Orbitz, Lending Tree, Chrysler, Apple, Chevrolet, Netflix, Sears, Toyota
Goodnight Burbank $3K-$8K HBO
Mania TV $10-$30 GM, Honda, Toyota, Verizon, AT&T, NBC, ABC, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Old Spice, L’Oreal, Sony, Nike, Coke, Citibank, XBox, Best Buy, HBO, Victoria Secret, WWE
Revision3 / Diggnation $60-$80 Virgin Atlantic, Adagio Teas, Body by Venus, Sony, Microsoft, FX Networks, Adobe
For Your Imagination $20-$60 Graco, BabyBjorn, TJMaxx

CNN and TV Guide feature general audiences and embeddded video. The other sites feature targeted shows and allow users to subscribe to their shows for viewing on the device of their choice, at the time of their choice. Many of the independently produced shows also have social networks or websites that encourage ongoing group discussion.