Do You Want to Help Launch PodCamp Hawaii?

Shane and I have been podcasting since Oct 2004. We have given talks, blogged and podcasted about it, and of course have delivered over 640 episodes of Beach Walks. It has taken on average two to three hours of every day.

podcamp hawaii logoThrough the podcasting (and now Twitter etc) networks, we have met amazing people who are our neighbors as well as very distant friends. Our techies complain about the echo chamber, about the people who don’t get it, about the missed opportunities. Our local businesses see tourism waning somewhat. They are still averse to much that our geekdom can offer, and we have decreasing visitors and increasing dissatisfaction between the tourists and the locals about their effect on each other and the disproportionate benefits received as well as fees charged.

The PodCamp Dream: October 25-26, 2008; Honolulu, HI
I can imagine a PodCamp event where people come together to learn about a technology that can bridge these gaps, that can let the world see our beauty and experience our aloha, that can listen to our gripes even, and that can elevate us to the stage of importance we truly deserve. One that reaches out beyond the conference attendees, and into the Hawaii we locals know and love.

Please download and read the Fact Sheet PDF (PDF) I posted here as it outlines the many “firsts” that a Podcamp Hawaii can achieve. I want to work closely with the tourism industry. It will create opportunities for attendees and members of the HVCB to collaborate in mutually beneficial ways. It will change our location on the PodCamp map, the internet technology map, and the tourism industry map.

In the UnConference spirit of transparency, I am posting the call for team leaders aka co-organizers here. There’s lots more information available, so please “contact me”:mailt:[email protected] if you want to know more.

UPDATE May 27: I will fill in names as we fill in positions.

Here’s What I Think It Will Take
Here are the minimum requirements I see as necessary to have a successful event of this kind:
# I will assume responsibility for being project leader. I imagine this will require at least 5-8 hours a week of my time, for the first three months, increasing somewhat steadily until October.
# I want at least 6 other committed “organizers” who are willing to provide 3-5 hours a week until the event. I am open to co-chair arrangements as well.
# We will seek the ongoing assistance of as many “volunteers” as we can find.
# Each organizer will take charge of a specific area, will supervise her/his volunteers, and will coordinate with me and each other on the master details of the event. The commitment of time and responsibility is most important; we will all be learning on the job.
# Volunteers will be given specific assignments in bite-sized pieces with due dates. Volunteers will be able to come and go as their interest and schedules dictate.
# I can assure you I have the interest, the ability, the connections, and the drive to create this large scale event, provided I have a team of 6 other people who are willing to give a solid commitment and who themselves are willing and able to plan and delegate work to our beloved volunteers and sponsors.
# Here are the 6 key areas of responsibility I see for now, each requiring a team leader:
** 1 – Communication: will manage both publicity and outreach, will develop a marketing plan to use traditional and new media channels
** 2 -Venue: will coordinate room assignments, AV & wifi needs, decoration, signage, food service, etc. Kyle Nishioka has agreed to be Team Leader!
** 3 – Activities & Travel: will coordinate lodging suggestions for non-Oahu residents, will manage the matching of an attendee with an appropriate HVCB member, will help plan social activities, etc.
** 4 – Sponsors: will develop the sponsorship packet and contact sponsors; will help them deliver what we need to promote them adequately, will help think of ways to get gifts, shwag, and messaging, etc.
** 5 – Web Site & Media: will manage the main podcamp hawaii web site and related sites on other social platforms; will manage media creation and delivery to support the other teams; will support web editors in keeping the site content fresh and compelling. Shane Robinson has agreed to be Team Leader!
** 6 – International: will develop a plan for inviting attendees and sponsors from Asia and Europe; will determine what countries we should reach out to, based on available volunteers and connections that we can gather; will determine translation needs for the website and during the event. Matt Olson has agreed to be Team Leader!
# I will form the LLC to run the money through and manage the legal and accounting details. There will be open book accounting, online, for all to see. Podcamp provides that no one is paid; all service is volunteered free of charge. I will work with all of the team leaders and support them in having the tools needed to get their respective tasks accomplished.

I want to fill these 6 seats by June 1st.

I really hope we have the level of interest to do this – I think it will be an amazing learning opportunity and one Ă„iwaiwa event!

If we have more than 6 people who are interested, there are more tasks to be organized and I think having a co-chair arrangement is also doable. Please contact me to learn more.