Are comments moderated on

Apparently the answer is “YES.”

I heard a speech from her last night asking people to come to her web site and share our thoughts. I did just that on this post (link has expired), in a very clean and respectful way. My message was asking her to gracefully concede, acknowledging that she fought a good race but nonetheless has lost, albeit by a very small margin. I even tweeted it, so others could share their feedback. (This was 12 hours ago.)

My comment is not available in the over 1100 comments, and if you read thru them, there IS NOT A SINGLE NEGATIVE COMMENT. How can this be? is new media at its worst. Giving people a chance to register and comment, and then doing massive and one-sided filtering of comments to convey a massively inaccurate record of the facts.

Hillary was a candidate for the last century. Yes, a lot of people are more comfortable back there, but the times, they are a changin’. For the better, in my opinion, despite all the messiness of the change.

Moderating comments (e.g. for profanity) is standard practice on some websites, like the Huffington Post. But they show you the number of total comments and the the number in the moderation queue. They even proved an easy-to-find FAQ on their comment policy.