Friday Buzz Report for Bare Feet Blog 080725

tube mogul logoI feel like starting virtually very post here with a mea culpa. I have so many blog ideas but often run out of time. After all, we also produce an almost daily video podcast which takes a couple of hours each, and now I am helping to create the unconference PodCamp Hawaii. Of course I Tweet and FriendFeed too, so this mea culpa is now pau! Follow to the end – as I will bring this back to you.

I have some fun news to share and I am practicing talking about us more. I love “pimping out” my friends and clients, but get a frog in my throat when it comes to bragging about our own work.

Beach Walks on Tube Mogul Top 40
Our internet TV show, Beach Walks with Rox, is #26 on Tube Mogul’s Top 40 list for June. Tube Mogul is a service that distributes and tracks your videos across multiple sites. It is a great time saver, as I can upload one file and Tube Mogul will send it to as many as 12 other video aggregation sites. We actually only send to 4 sites, so making it onto the leader board is an even greater accomplishment! They have over 30,000 users, so we like being #26, slighty ahead of Mahalo Daily and just behind Sony Pictures and in the company of Rocketboom (link has expired) and Next New Networks.

Top Social Marketing Blog
Also this week, and more of a surprise, this blog was featured on a listing of the Top Social Marketing Blogs (link has expired). This follows in part from our listing on, which features the web’s best social media blogs.

Diva Marketing Sites Us for Blogger Relations
I participated in my friend Toby Bloomberg’s blogger relations survey, and was quoted in her summary report. You can read more about my position on Bloggers vs. Journalists and if you like, check out our Blogger Relations Policy.

Why Does This Matter to You?
# Hawaii can claim us as a social media expert right here in the ʻāina, ready to assist you with developing and executing a social media campaign. You can take advantage of our expertise, as well as our deep and wide social network of thought leaders.
# You can realize that success comes from persistence – even when it is spread across seemingly disparate channels. We practice a lot of “be here now” in running our business, and while it may look unfocused or diverse, it is all infused with our attention. And in an attention economy that is just the right currency to be building and spending.
# By being willing to share my name with my survey feedback, I earned the bonus publicity. Know when to step out from the anonymity cloak; it’s a great way to let others help you share your expertise.

Have you left a blog comment today? Remember, you are of the main beneficiaries when you do!