Free Idea: Podcaster-in-Residence Saves Hawaii Tourism?

Photo of the Wyland Waikiki

I have always loved the concept of artist-in-residence or writer-in-residence, like our client Lannan supports. It is an altruistic gesture in most cases, a generous soul or organization that supports a creative person in finding her/his muse, or voice.

Alas I am a Capricorn and many roads lead back to business in my mind. I was at a meeting today with Robin Graf, Stacy Keen, and Nancy Daniels at their hotel, The Wyland Waikiki. We were talking about PodCamp Hawaii and we were agreeing how every blogger/podcaster is a “travel blogger” when in Hawaii. This place is like no other in the USA, and there are stories to show and tell literally every where you are.

So I had this great idea! What if a hotel sponsored a podcaster-in-residence?

At first I thought for an extended one month stay.
Posting 2-3 videos a week, capturing the moments, the stories, the guests, the staff – in sum the personality of the hotel. But in this case, it would be not exclusively about the podcaster finding her muse, but also about creating media for the hotel. The Hawaii hotel industry is feeling pain right now. We’ve had two airlines go out of business and the price of oil aka plane flights has gone up. Hawaii also is just coming out of a massive expansion and upgrade of capacity, and plenty of people complain about the high rates.

Then I Thought About a Rotating Podcaster-in-Residence.
What about inviting several podcasters to spend 4-7 days in your hotel? And post 2-3 videos? You would then get a diverse collection of styles, both cinematic and content-wise. You could leverage the audience of several name-brand podcasters, instead of just one.

Naturally, I am Biased Towards Video Bloggers.
What’s not to love about video? Especially if you are not the one doing all the shooting, editing, encoding, and posting. He He.

Radical Cherry on Top: Shared Among Several Hotels & Restaurants
What if someone like the HVCB sponsored this, and had a social media expert plan out the campaign, set up the site and hosting mechanisms, found the right podcasters, etc. and it was all shared among the many? Fewer costs per place, more diversity of content, broader audience appeal. The more I type the more I like this idea.

What are Free Ideas? They are just that. I have more than I can use, so I am going to be adding Free Idea posts on a regular basis. We all know that as hard as it is to come by a good idea, it’s even harder to execute. So if can, can! If want our help, contact us.