New Media Expo 2008 Wrap up & Ideas

We are waiting for our plane back home to Hawaii and I’ve been wanting to capture some of my thoughts from the recent New Media Expo in Las Vegas, where Shane and I spoke.

I’ve got three main points, some of which were also mentioned by Mike McCallen. I also discussed this in the pool at the Hilton with Jim Kirks of The Clip Show. With the temp at 105, my brain wanted AC or water to function!

I’d like to get your thoughts on this – pros and cons of the NME. Can we claim it as our podcaster event? If so, why were so many of the key podcasters and the podcast companies missing? How can they make it better? What would you want? Not want?

I think we are at a pivot point and it’s time to discuss this out in the open.

FWIW, Viddler was there in full force and for those of us who were at the show, the connections and business deals were awesome! I loved being interviewed on TWIT, Web Pro World, and Tech Zulu, along with Sunny’s live uStream. Tom Webster’s podcast stats are amazing, and I hope they get increasingly more attention.

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