PRSA: 10-Minute Tour of the Social Web

What a challenge! How do I give an overview of all that is the social web in 10 minutes? Fortunately, we have several other great speakers to follow and plenty of time for Q&A. (Dan Zelikman of StarrTech Interactive; Nadine Kam of Honolulu Star-Bulletin; and Mary Fasteneau of StarrTech Interactive)


* negative incentive: U-haul and Exxon Mobile
* positive examples: I connected Robyn Levin to Guy Kawasaki then she referred me to eTourism Summit.
* Neenz is now chief evangelist for Alltop. I recommended a client while Neenz gets good content and my client gets good promotion. “It’s good that your client sees the value of blogging.” – Neenz

Podcasting Brand Recall and Affinity

Since watching Beach walks, do you have more or less desire to visit Hawaii?

Since watching Beach walks, do you have more or less desire to visit Hawaii?

* Edison Research: “Podcast consumers are extremely attractive advertising targets, though difficult to reach via traditional interruption models.”
* Podtrac: “Studies Reveal Advertising in Podcasts and Online Shows are Three Times as Effective as Other Online Video Ads”
* Beach Walks with Rox: 100% of viewers have same or more desire to visit Hawaii.

Jargon that Matters

* Interoperability
* Personal Branding
* Time more valuable than Money
* You gain influence by joining the conversation.
* Crossing the Chasm that is the Pacific Ocean
* Live Streaming

QIK Live Stream

UPDATE: Our friend from the UK, Christian (@documentally on Twitter and QIK) just this morning, from his kitchen, discussed the current state of streaming from mobile phones and the frustrations with bandwidth. Shane, in Hawaii, and several others were able to watch and comment live from halfway around the world.

Using just a mobile phone (Nokia N95) we are now able to *stream live* to the Web, anywhere in the world we have a stable cell phone connection. Even while driving through the high desert of Northern New Mexico between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Not only that, people watching the stream live can leave comments that show up right on the phone which allows us to reply directly to them in real time.

Know How Cafe

Join us at the Know How CafePlease join us at the Know How Cafe, the members-only coaching and tutorial community where you can experiment with and learn how to the Social Web and New Media tools to work for you and your client’s businesses.

Enter your email address and the *Promo Code* Roxanne mentioned during the panel discussion (“PRSA”) and you will be among the first in the world to be notified when the Know How Cafe opens its doors in a few weeks. If you use the Promo Code Roxanne mentioned, you will also receive a 30% discount on your membership as well as additional discounts and free services.

PRSA Hawaii Next Steps?

Question: Want to know my recommendations for the PRSA Hawaii Chapter?

Answer: Check back in a few hours and I’ll update this post after I first share that information with those attending the PRSA Hawaii August 2008 Program.

And Finally…

Mahalo to Nathan Kam for inviting me to share all the exciting things that are happening on the Social Web today and for becoming such a great Twitter friend. We’ve known each other since 2005, but Twitter gets the credit for converting us into friends and power colleagues.
Photo Credit: Ryan Ozawa via Flickr
Photo Credit: Ryan Ozawa via Flickr