Aloha Summit Links: Overview of Online Video

I gave a Video Presentation from Honolulu delivered to Boulder today, for the ALoha Summit conference put on by Andy Beal and Dave Taylor. To speed things along, I am going to post the links mentioned and the recorded Skype video. If you want more info or have questions, please leave them in the comments and I am happy to address them!

Here is the 32 minute Video Chat Interview and iTunes Download Version (link has expired) (32:35 | 334 MB):

How I Made This Video
# I recorded it in Skype using Call Recorder.
# I edited it in iMovie HD to add music and credits.
# I exported to iTunes at 640×480, default settings.
# I edited the ID3 tags in iTunes and added a graphic to travel with the iPod version.
# I uploaded the iPod version to Viddler’s video hosting service.
# Viddler did the Flash encoding for me.
# The 32 minute, 640×480 file was 334 MB; the whole process took a couple of hours. Now you know why Beach Walks sticks to 5 mins a day!

Shows I Talked About:
Beach Walks with Rox
Show and Tell of The Gear We Use
Key to professional video quality actually is having good sound. Be sure the camera you buy has “mic input” jack and then use either a lavalier or handheld mic, wired or wireless, depending on your location requirements. We use and love the Sennheiser wireless mic, and it has been a real workhorse in our high-stress windy and salty ocean environment. All we’ve had to replace are the mic cable after over 2 years of use; they run about $20 each.
Ask a Ninja
JNJ Health Channel
Book Trailers by Sheila English
Robyn Levin at Wharton and Robyn’s home page

Web Cam Recording
Conference Recorder – for iChat Video
Call Recorder – for Skype Video
These give you added flexibility to choose the layout of your videos and instantly produce h.264 quality movies at various sizes.
Seesmic – look for user beachwalks to connect there.
Skype Video Chat Tutorial – The business process.

Video Hosting Services – designed for independently produced, episodic shows; nice player with embed features. – great for building communities and groups, embedded comments travel with the episodes; developing B2B features and services You can also do web cam recording right in to the browser at Viddler too.
Ooyala – nice interface; elegant features for dynamic ad service; our viewers had some problems with their player not working. They charge for bandwidth also; most of the other services are free.
Vimeo– High Def videos; groups and memes

Mobile Video:
Qik – for Nokia N95 and iPhone
Flixwagon – Nokia N60 series and iPhone

Many of these services will cross post to other social apps, such as Twitter or each other even. My Qik is configured to post a Twitter message and post my videos to Seesmic. Here is the live-stream video from our TV shoot yesterday at the Hawaii Convention Center.

Tube Mogul

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