Hawaii Business: Social Media Workshops for You

cover of the book groundswellThere is a short video interview with Charlene Li, the author of Groundswell and a former analyst at Forrester, conducted by Chris Heuer, at the end of this post. But first I would like to answer some of the questions I have been receiving about our upcoming events, Social Media Workshop Hawaii (link has expired) and Podcamp + Wordcamp Hawai.

I am inviting and encouraging Hawaii business and government leaders to attend at least one of two events next week that offer outstanding opportunities to move ourselves forward in the world of social media. If ever there were a time to trust in “a rising tide floats all boats,” it is now. Our Hawaii businesses and government have been slow to adopt these powerful business practices, meanwhile we may actually have more to gain, and to contribute, than our counterparts on the mainland.

What is the return on a long term relationship with your customers?
– Charlene Li

What is Social Media?
* This is the term that describes both the content and the functionality that have taken over the internet at this time.
* It encompasses other buzzwords and concepts you may have heard, from social networks like FaceBook, LinkedIn, and MySpace, to conversational marketing, web 2.0, internet TV and YouTube, blogging, Twitter, etc.
* At its core, it is about having internet-enabled conversations and from those conversations, building relationships that can lead to transactions and brand-building.
* Your customers are already participating. Are you?

What is the Social Media Workshop Hawaii?
* A one-day workshop for a limited audience of business and government leaders. Thu, Oct 23, Hawaii Prince Hotel. $125 per person; bring 4 and the 5th attends free.
* We’ll have four Featured speakers, and additional experts in the audience to share the basics about what is social media and how it works.
* It will be small, private, conversational and educational.
* Ask your questions and discuss your business ideas over our round tables at lunch.
* Have a web 2.0 experience, in person.
* Breakfast and lunch are included.
* All attendees will also earn a Charter Membership in the Social Media Club’s Hawaii Chapter.
* You can read more and register here (link has expired).
* Sponsored by Chi.mp (link has expired), HTDC, KnowHow Cafe, and HubSpot.

What is the Hawaii Chapter of the Social Media Club?
* The Social Media Club (SMC) was founded in San Francisco by Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells to develop and share best practices for social media.
* There are over 25 active chapters and their educational non-profit status is in the works.
* The Hawaii chapter will serve as a gathering place for those of us in business who want to be the social media leaders in our state.

We have an incredible opportunity to collaborate in a social web way to move Hawaii to the top of the chart in tourism, in technology, and in green issues. The social web is the fastest, most powerful and least expensive way to accomplish this admittedly strenuous goal. In the workshop though, we will show the steps that have already been taken and give you examples of the big things people are getting accomplished with very small budgets.

Why should I share best practices with my competitors?
* For one, we do it all the time. Traditional publications and groups such as PRSA, IABC, and HAF also hold monthly meetings to educate and inform their members.
* More importantly though, there is a shift in consciousness that has already taken place in terms of how people do business and how customers expect companies to perform. And that is all centered around the social web.
* We have far more to gain by sharing knowledge and collaborating on social media campaigns than we do by staying isolated in our own competitive worlds.
* If for no other reason, participation allows you to know what is going on, in ways that are not possible by staying out of the conversation.

Are these programs meaningful for nonprofits and small businesses too?
* Yes. In many ways, the tools of social media are most useful to you because of their low entry cost and for how they leverage your network of fans and customers to help you.
* We have several speakers who focus on non-profits and cause marketing.

What is Podcamp + Wordcamp Hawaii?
* This is a free, two-day event open to the public. Fri & Sat, Oct 24 & 25, Hawaii Convention Center.
* Anyone can sign up to speak on blogging, podcasting, social media, and business uses.
* It will be lively, conversational, interactive, with lots of live video streaming, live blogging, and Twittering on the internet.
* You can view an incomplete list of our speakers here.
* You can learn more and register here.

Which one should I attend?
* The Social Media Workshop Hawaii is the 30,000′ view: get an overview of what’s out there, how is it working, what are the pitfalls, who is doing what.
** Attend this if you want to be among Hawaii’s leaders in social media, the people who will be defining just how our state participates on the social web.
** Attend this if you want a private experience; we will not be live streaming except for demo purposes. Limited to 60 people, this is an exclusive event.
* Podcamp + Wordcamp Hawai is a free public event with entertainment and hands-on sessions.
** Attend this if you want to jump right in to the social web.
** You will learn how to create a blog, start a podcast, use Twitter, etc.
** There will be lots of media being made, conversations being had and being documented.
** There are over 350 people already registered.

Watch This Short Video (6:21)
Since Charlene Li, author of Groundswell, isn’t going to be able to make it over to PodCamp Hawaii or Social Media Club Workshop Hawaii, Chris Heuer had the pleasure of interviewing her. In this interview, he focused on items more relevant to businesses in Hawaii. Click the image to start the video.

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